Acai Pronunciation-How to Pronounce Acai Berry


Definition of ACAI

Acai Berry is a small dark purple fleshy berrylike fruit of a tall slender palm (Euterpe oleracea) of tropical Central and South America that is often used in beverages; also called as one of the best Weight Loss fruit rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Know How to Lose Weight with Acai Berries.

How to Pronounce Acai Berry

The most common question related to Acai Berries is  “How to pronounce Acai?”
Well It’s not that tough rather it’s quite simple and easy once you learn the correct pronunciation.

  • The most common pronunciation error that I have heard of Acai berry is “Aci berry” ( ah-KEE ).
  • The next most common pronunciation error is the “Acia berry” (uh-cee-YUH).
  • Many number of people also call acai berries “Ah-sigh” berries. This last pronunciation of Acai Berry is very close to the exact pronunciation of the word.

Now here comes the correct pronunciation:
Acai berry- ( pronounced “ah-sigh-EE” ).

Acai Pronunciation Audio

Click here-Acai

Acai Berry Benefits

Acai Berry is the best choice for weight loss. It helps in easy digestion which in turn help in getting rid of food wastes easily. They also help in the proper functioning of colon as it helps in proper colon cleansing. By drinking the extract from acai fruit, we feel light and healthy.

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