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Negativity, for a person who is trying to shed weight, is soul-destroying. It comes from all the corners, and can even seem positive at times.
Well to be honest we all have memories of our lives that we hold deep inside, mainly those of us who were fat in their teens. As a teen, all the boys at college would chant such flattering things as, “Fatty”, “Fatso”, “Corpy” They never picked me for their sporting sides, because I couldn’t run as fast as them due to the weight. I grew unhappier, and fatter, with each passing day. At College, every day became a nightmare for me, being teased mercilessly by the bullies. I was depressed, confused, and often wished I could die. I tried dieting many times but no use, I tried all unhealthy ways of losing weight, starting from starvation and going as far as surgery. But nothing worked out.

I tried Acai Berry Weight Loss and Colon Cleanse to lose weight and detoxification.

I never even heard of Acai Berry Diet but when Oprah featured it on her show and when I heard that it is one of the 10 super foods promoted by Dr Perricone. I became excited about these miraculous berries. Then I researched and read Acai Berry Diet Reviews and found that this Dynamic Duo of Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse is a simple way of losing weight, maintaining it, while becoming healthy at the same time. Hence, it is an obvious choice of celebrities and people the world over.

I was impressed and decided to try the Acai Berry Weight Loss diet by myself. This Acai Berry Diet helped keep me from getting hungry late in the day and hitting the junk food machine at work. It started to show results from day ONE. By the end of the month, I had lost a mind blowing 29.80 pounds. It was unbelievable and I was happy with the results.

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Take my words, if you need to get in shape, daily exercise is definitely the number one thing on the list, but I also believe the Acai Berry Weight Loss really did the trick for me. I am not running so much these days, but do walk at lunch when the schedule permits, and bike ride on days off. And am careful, but not obsessive, about what I eat. That’s it.

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  1. Ricky Atnip says:

    I really dig what you write about here. I try and come back to it every day so keep up the good posts!

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  3. Krolikowski says:

    Besides things such as climbing stairs and parking far away, there are a variety of enjoyable methods to help make your daily tasks possibilities to exercise and yes adding acai berries to the diet as well….

  4. Elissa.Jenn says:

    Just want commentabout this article, after reading whole of this it make me to have new goal about one big event, hope I can read more great news again from you so I bookmark your website.

  5. badmash says:

    I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  6. wow says:

    wow this is just unbelievable. i dropped almost 13 pounds in a week!

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